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 Lizard People (JOB)

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PostSubject: Lizard People (JOB)   Lizard People (JOB) EmptyWed Jul 05, 2017 8:01 pm

It seemed like an overplayed cliche at this point, something that had found its way into a large array of modern day media and culture. Lizards were a fascination for people of all ages and genders, with reasons that seemed to vary just as greatly. For some it was the fact that lizards were like miniature dragons, intimidating and intense. For others they found a sort of cuteness in the small scaled creatures, an adorable allure that they wanted to claim for themselves. Still others found genetic reasons for how impressive these little reptiles were. The ability to regrow limbs seemed to circulate through most of their kind, a powerful ability to defend themselves and flee being innate in all species. They were survivors, bred for all different kinds of environment. They were the remnants of time long past, and yet they had found a way to live until now. Anyone who knew of Lizards would find a reason to be impressed for one reason or another, and they often found themselves on the receiving end of experiments and studies. They held within them secrets that still eluded even the best of scientists, and it would take an immense amount of funding as well as state of the art systems to begin pressing the boundaries. But where would people go to find such tools, so readily able to be used at the drop of a hat? Where would one find scientists who were interested in Lizards specifically, wanting to know more and delve deeper?

One needed only to look towards Rising Wolf, home of people with great minds and a starving necessity to push the boundaries. There was no one who could claim total knowledge of any single subject, and that was clear. Scientists were very whimsy people indeed, often times finding a single thing or a small field in which they wish to devote most of their time. These individuals could very well consider themselves intelligent, able to grasp general knowledge of many things relating to their aspiring field. Only once they had a grasp on most of the knowledge in the field in which entranced them could they dive further, to press the boundaries. These such things often came with risk, though what that risk was seemed to change with each person. For some, the idea was to risk shaming themselves in the entire community by diving into work that they could not handle. For others it was to hope for specific outcomes in which could further research, causing a fear that they might touch the surface only to find that the subject had the depth of a puddle. Still others pushed the frame of morality, risking both the creatures involved and the scientists themselves. This type of research often required finding people who would be willing to subject themselves to research that had never been done before, with absolutely no idea of how it would turn out or if it would even get the wanted results.

It was this very scenario that had led to the emergency call that had gone out, something that went directly to Tenshi's phone. Glancing at the text, he read it for a few moments before snickering. It was true that such tasks were often announced to all students, considered a real world application of the knowledge they picked up in the classroom and a testament to the skills they'd been honing. Still, a task like this should have been handed off to the SDC. The group in which was ripped away from him, taken from him before he could assign a proper leader.

That was harsh. The leader had been properly assigned, voted in by his classmates and placed in the position in a democratic style. Tenshi had failed to find the rules and regulations that had established the position as a democratically assigned one, and yet there was only so much he could do. As he sped into the distance, shooting at speeds that put him beyond most other students, his mind found itself mulling on the fact that one of his plans had now been canceled. He'd plans for that position, but now he had to make due. It was fine really, a mere speed bump on the track. With a final sigh, he put the thought from his head for good. This was the final time he'd think of it in such regards. The next time the topic came to his mind, it would be while he was looking to the future of the club, the future of his plans, and the future of the Student Disciplinary Committee.

As he pushed deeper into the woods, he heard a yell. That must be it. As he shot in its direction, he quickly came to a clearing in which made him positive he'd made the right choice. Before him stood a 6'3 lizard, holding a female student by the throat while another male lay on his back, bleeding from the chest. Looks like he wasn't too late, which was positive. "Michael Cormier. American student. Member of the Research Club, and one of our smartest students." His words rang out, causing the lizard to pause and release his grip on the girls throat. Whipping his head to face Tenshi, a snarl appeared on his face. "I must take you back. There's also the punishment for experimentation without running it by your club or at least the Student Council," he said, beginning to walk forward. "Yeah, and the punishment for what he did to us!" The girl cried out, tears streaming down her face as she finally caught her breath. Glancing at her as the lizard began charging, a gurgling hiss coming from it's mouth, Tenshi looked back ahead and dashed forward. Clearing the distance in a mere moment, he landed a punch to the lizards stomach. Blood gushing from it's mouth, folding on Tenshi's fist, it collapsed to the ground. He didn't agree with what the girl said, but he'd not waste his breath on why. The job was complete, and that was all that mattered.

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Lizard People (JOB)
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