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 Liam Quinn

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Liam Quinn

Liam Quinn

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PostSubject: Liam Quinn   Liam Quinn EmptySat Jun 24, 2017 2:45 pm

Liam Quinn WveZnY4

Name: Liam Quinn
Nickname: Li (pronounced as if it were "Lee"), Harley, Linny
Age: 15 (June 17th)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bicurious
Class: Boxer
Chi: Red

Face Claim: Naruto Uzumaki | Naruto
Appearance: The boy stands at a height that appears average for a male his age, despite hoping that in the near future he’ll gain another inch or two. But with his rather lithe and lean build already present, he is somewhat content with his current appearance. His tanned skin contrasts the bright blue eyes and sunkissed hair he possesses, making those two traits rather striking to those who come across him. His unkempt blonde locks tend to hang over his forehead, a few strands managing to reach his eyes when no headband is present to hold them back. It’s why from time to time, especially when he’s participating in any physical activity, the youth has a black headband on his forehead. It helps him be more efficient, after all.

His face has also matured well over the years since his childhood, leaving behind minimal baby fat and giving him an older appearance, one that suggests he is a year or so over his actual age. While it’s an issue that he wishes did not exist, he has learned to cope with it.

For the most part, the blonde has taken a liking to dressing in what seems to be rather “plain” clothing. He enjoys putting on simple t-shirts and baggy pants, despite wearing expensive sneakers that sometimes appear uncomfortable (don’t worry, he always eases into them). Seeing as it’s his favorite color, orange is usually present within his outfits, even if it doesn’t appear to match the whole attire.
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Special Characteristic: Three whisker-like marks on both of his cheeks, which are scars in actuality. They’re a very distinguishing feature about him.

Personality: Liam tries to be a bit too perfect. Always smiling, always offering assistance, always bouncing around as if he has an endless amount of energy at his disposal. Always giving it his all, doing his best, even when he can't.

It doesn't matter if he’s actually upset on the inside, or angry to the point he wishes to physically harm someone. The blonde simply plasters a goofy smile onto his face and goes on his merry way. He pretends to be boastful, jokingly so, flaunting false confidence from time to time. He can't help the fact that sometimes, his act really does seem superficial and that sometimes, he's called out on his strange behaviors. But Liam has come to learn that you give people what they want to hear, rather than what they need. So he holds tightly onto what feels to be his mask. He hopes it doesn't crack.

Yet in the face of those he’s close to, he comes off as a bit more reserved. Instead of hopping off of walls like he's on a sugar high, he acts like his age, as if he's a mature young adult. He's far more truthful with himself and those around him, using genuine smiles and far more genuine laughter than in public. The boy is caring and intelligent and resilient, taking greatly after his mother in this regard. (Maybe if he were to take school just a bit more seriously, he'd see his gpa explode.) He allows his walls to come down and accepts all his imperfections.

However, this is the tails side of his coin. In the face of heads, it's a rarity. He hardly ever allows anyone to have such a relationship with him, one where he is able to be himself, aside from his own mother. It's a difficulty he's asked about everyday within the confines of his home. (“Linny, why don't you ever invite your friends over? Don't you get lonely at all?”)

Things have gotten to the point where he's afraid of it, stepping into such unknown territory that he longs for all the same. Would he make a good “friend”? Is he likeable enough to even have one? As he continues his schooling, he can only dream.

On the other hand, Liam does have a sense of ambition. His perfectionist nature doesn't allow him half-ass the things he does, which includes training, especially at a facility meant to groom him into a great fighter. While his upbringing forced him into such a state, the youth does enjoy learning new ways to utilize his powers and become better at what he does. It's his natural curiosity that also fuels the feeling; he loves learning new things, even if he might not truly understand the concept at hand. Whether that be about people, or how certain things work in general, it doesn't matter to him. It keeps Liam satisfied and happy.

► Learning: Being able to learn is a privilege to Liam. It helps him advance in the sense that he becomes more knowledgeable, and the prospect of getting new information cures his ever growing curiosity… even if it’s only temporary.  
► Chi: Such power is an enigma he wishes to one day understand, to be in complete and utter control over it. How did it come about, for example? He always wants to know.
► Orange: He’s always been fond of the yellow and red mixture, ever since he was a child. He could say the love originated from his father, whose hair greatly resembled the color.
► Fire: Perhaps at this point, the youth could say he’s grown too attached to fire and the warmth it emanates. Aside from the fuzzy, tingling feeling it gives his skin, it can shine bright and overcome any darkness. He wants to give off the same warmth and light to those he cares about. He wants them to feel warm like he does whenever he’s near a fire.

► Acting: It’s annoying. It’s tiring. He does it almost everyday of his life and hopes that he’ll eventually be able to stop. Liam merely pities anyone else who attempts to be someone they’re not.
► Rain: Although a constant pitter-patter, pitter-patter can lead almost anyone to feel calm, the dark clouds that tend to come with rain often depress Liam. He hates them.
► Conflict: He does not like fighting with negative intentions. He takes no pleasure in harming other people, physically or emotionally, and upsets himself when the desire to do so comes about. The blonde would rather talk things out.
► Math: God! It just hurts his brain! He can take only so much numbers and calculations before he breaks… (Not good for someone in the Research Club, huh?)

► Exploring: He tends to head out on his own, sometimes unconsciously, just taking in the things around him and any new sights left to behold. And while he does not always engage with people, just seeing new faces is a pleasant occurrence as well.
► Studying: Now he just sounds like a nerd, doesn’t he? Well, Liam does not study in the same way one would a test. No, he likes to study the properties of Chi, different battle techniques, or someone’s mannerisms in comparison to the norm. It’s fun learning all sorts of new things after all. (Actually, it has gotten a bit out of hand. The boy has started to keep a journal on him at all times just for his “studying.”)
► Training: Liam has been training since he was small, possibly like a majority of other students at his new school. As a result, he can’t see himself not practicing on occasion, knowing he still has a long way to go before he can even consider himself “decent” at fighting.

► Death: He does not care about dying himself. Instead, what he fears is the idea of losing those precious to him, such as his mother. She’s all he has left now.
► His Mother: The fiery pits of hell have nothing on the evil that can be his mother.
► Weakness: His father would be so disappointed in him if he quit… So, he has to keep pushing, has to keep being the child his father always wanted him to be. Maybe then he’ll receive the recognition he always desired, even if his dad is...

► Making Friends: A ridiculous goal, he knows, but it’s true. Throughout his fifteen years of living, the blonde has not met a single person he could call a real friend. And so, that’s what he strives to have now, a friend to call his own.
► Acknowledgement: From his father. When he was younger, Liam constantly fell short of any expectations. He plans to change that, to evolve and become the person he’s meant to be, even if that means killing off his true self for a moment. Because clearly, the real him was never good enough, might never be.

Ethnicity: English / Irish
History: Liam came into the world on a bright, warm, and sunny day. It was in the early afternoon that his mother held him in her arms, slowly rocking the infant back and forth with a content smile on her face. His father was of course in the room with them, staring at his son with indisputable pride in his gaze, almost overshadowed by the look of expectation the man also clung to. His son. He finally had one, his very own son… the one meant to run his company, take his place and watch their fortune flourish. His son, the boy would be perfect.

Lionel Quinn would never manage to see the day.

Growing up, Liam was given the best that his parents could provide him with. Clothes on his back, a very large roof over his head, food, and attention. In return, he gave his all in any educational pursuits, and was made to participate in a multitude of physical activities, from gymnastics to soccer to martial arts. (He would soon grow fond of the latter, mainly receiving support from his mother to continue and morph it into something that could be more than a mere hobby.) They even took notice of his natural curiosity and attempted to cultivate it. There were many occasions where his mother would pull him aside and tell him about what they did for the public, about fighters and their “chi.” The day he discovered his own was a special one.

With so much behind him, the blonde tried his absolute hardest to rise up, to stand on the pedestal his parents made for him. Yet, whenever he tried, he’d be pushed back down.

He had innate talents like everyone else, but he was no genius by nature.

When his father asked for 100% on his tests, the boy would hand back a 99. When he searched for gold in his muay thai competitions, he would be given silver in return, even bronze in his later years. When given business lessons from his father, the blonde would always struggle with certain concepts, not quite able to understand them the way he was meant to. Even socializing with children at his school was near impossible. Being an introvert made it so he never approached anyone, and those who did merely liked him because of his family and their money. It was irritating to continuously face so many difficulties. He just wished he could get it right…

The situation had escalated, reaching a point where his father stared at him with disappointment and disdain. Rivals of the Quinn family knew Liam was a touchy topic for the head, and would always speak about the boy with fake pity. What a shame it was, for the heir of a well-respected business to be so inadequate, so second-rate. Yet the blonde kept trying, and trying, and trying because he knew one day they would say otherwise. His mother said so. She always believed in him, no matter what, so he would use that as his strength and his father as his motivation.

But on a bright, warm, and sunny day in the early afternoon, when his father had passed in an explosive car crash, Liam felt something crack.

He lost count on the amount of times he cried himself to sleep, or weeped in his mother’s arms.

His mother took over the business that his father left behind, managing to work despite her grief. What a strong woman; Liam often wished he inherited some of that willpower. And it was with such thoughts that he realized something crucial.

He simply wasn’t enough.

The him at that moment was not enough, never enough, so he had to change. Become someone like his mother, fierce and rambunctious, yet endearing all the same. Showing others that he wasn’t weak, but that he was okay, that he was never vulnerable. Always smiling, as if he was some superhero in a comic book.

No, it didn’t matter if his mother noticed the change and was concerned about him. All Liam had to do was show her otherwise, even if he still didn’t manage to hang out with anyone his own age, and seemed to force his smile when around other people. He knew though, things would change. Especially when she enrolled him into the prestigious Rising Wolf Academy.

Because there, he’ll wow them. He’ll wow them all.

Cell Number: 105-573-2763
Status: Sophomore
School Club: Research

Alias: Rinto
RP Sample: N.A
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Vladimir Vista

Vladimir Vista

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PostSubject: Re: Liam Quinn   Liam Quinn EmptyWed Jun 28, 2017 9:31 pm

Looks good, approved.
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Liam Quinn
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