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 Protect the bank [Job].

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Protect the bank [Job].  Empty
PostSubject: Protect the bank [Job].    Protect the bank [Job].  EmptySat Jul 01, 2017 7:34 pm

Daylight bedazzled onlookers, the fusion of hydrogen and helium far above the planets surface illuminated the landscape of Focus City in a bright hazy wash. Summer brought many things, heat mirages, the burning desire to escape to the cool surf, tan lines and crime. Statistically speaking anyway, Inari bit into the first dango on his skewer, the soft rice flour sweet emasculated before the penitential forces exhibited by his incisor teeth sheered through the weak chemical bonds obtained through the cooking process. Undaunted by the futility that their resistance embodied they held ‘til the last, only relinquishing their desperate grasp on each other when the kinetic force being imparted upon two points of the dango became too great for them to bear, and catastrophically they split out into Inari’s greedy waiting mouth – the Rising Wolf Academy student humming a tune as he studied the world so brilliantly and enthusiastically illustrated for him in such glorious nuclear radiance. A middle aged youthfulness he could not help but admire from the middle-class working man that formed the social glue of the solar system. Bringing together a ragged bunch of individuals. Ranging from the temperamental red head who reached an early prime and now lies dormant, depressed and unhealthy for the most part now. A loner so pale the sun reflects off him. A giant of a man, so swollen by lifestyle and genetics that he completely dwarfs all save the original tenant who largely keeps him under control. Lonely and distant, the far relation drifted in and out of contact with the group, always unsure about his place within the social alliance of the celestial beings. However it was hardly the fault of these giants that foolish mortals such as Inari attached to them nonsensical narratives which truly only made sense within the moment – and even then they were often so warped so as to completely be irrelevant even to those who understand the appropriate multitudes of contextual information required. Regardless, it was not the fault of the sun that his magnified presence could be seen to correlate to greater presence of crime. Such a causation being drawn was like blaming the kettle taking longer to boil on a favoured horse failing to win in a local race. There was no substance to such a suggestion and simultaneously whilst there was no way to prove it on the side of the advocate, there was no way to disprove it on the other side of the argument either. Presenting such a statement to a dialogue stagnated the progression if neither side would ever be able to progress through the statement except through fallacy. Which was fortunate, all things considered, reflected Inari as he stumbled across the very evidence to prove the substance of his thoughts. Just across the street from him the telltale sound of shattering glass met his ears, the large emboldened words of ‘ B A N K’ seemed to wilter at this bold faced violation. Inari took his time to assess the situation, ignoring the muted vibrations of the cellular device in the fold of his fabrics. Complete with sleeveless pale blue shirt with a orange and green sunset inscribed on its back and tan khaki shorts, Inari made up the image of a young sightseer who had seen too much, and quickly departed from the spaces in which his presence could be detected by the law-breaking entrepreneurs. A group of approximately eight males, none of whom Inari thankfully, could recognise. Else wise this assignment would prove to be more hazardous than his sense of risk allocation would allow. Flicking open his communication device, he confirmed that this was a registered incident with Rising Wolf Academy and he had the ability to step in. Indeed, the previous notification he had registered was the alert correlating with the emergency unfolding before him. Inari took no time in waiting to respond fully and swiftly to the emergency. There was no real policy regarding violence and bodily injury so he took out the Moon, and set it into orbit around his body, chi now flowing readily between himself and the construct. This would probably get messy but he wouldn’t be the one cleaning the blood off the floor so he couldn’t really bring himself to empathise with their position. Moving across the road, Inari entered the building from a side access portal – a blade springing from his immediate area with urgency at his call: the force and strength behind the blade destroying the lock on the door and proceeded thru, the blade disappearing from view without a trace. A phantom edge that materialised and then disappeared without warning. Pacing stealthily forwards, Inari committed himself to an all-in engagement, a style of combat which would require patience and careful preperation initially but seemed best suited to the goals of his assignment:
-protect the innocent civilians, something which would require rapid dispatch of hostiles before they could attempt to use their hostages and leverage to secure some form of deal or negotiation with Inari. The last dango slipped between his teeth and into his gullet as he gripped the firm bamboo shaft with his lips. Idle thought bespoke idle action and Inari stood for a moment, considering his options. Human life would be his first priority he decided, and began to deviate towards a slightly lengthier route. The mission info had specified that there were three fighters amongst the group, his projected anticipation for their layout of resources held these ‘officer’ units more towards the front but hidden behind two or three of the grunts to absorb the shock factor of a surprise attack. That left two or so to guard the hostages. An anticipation which proved correct as Inari peaked through a window to spy a number of restrained bodies and two black clothed figures facing in opposite directions, guarding the two entrances. A slowing permeable field eeked out from Inari, and he casually rounded the corner, enveloping the first intruder in its embrace immediately before he had the opportunity to fire, let alone speak. His compatriot turned around at the rustle of movement to find the ghostly edge of a blade materialise and sever his neck before his gun could be levelled above waist height. A similar fate met the slowed guarded who attempted to move towards one of the bound women, but found himself constrained by invisible binds. Proceeding further into the building, Inari ambushed one of the Fighters from behind, cutting him down with impunity as he never expected the assault from the rear – believing it well guarded. Unfortunately his demise led to further attention and Inari found himself dipping further into his reservoirs of energy than he would have liked. Eventually Inari triumphed, resorting to using more of his kit than he would have preferred. The guns proved to be little threat to him, a quick analysis from the Moon quickly showed the aspiring Blacksmith where to strike to shatter the modern technology, leaving him relatively unimpeded to duel the two remaining Fighters, a battle he won moreso due to the slowing field of ‘our lands girt by sea’ than shield based defence he could call up, as the nimble warriors would simply run around it. Tasting triumph, Inari struck down the second with a gambit of hide and seek, a game played to the white haired seraph’s favour. The last was calmer and more collected than the other two, and refused to allow himself to be easily baited. His reticence proved to be his undoing as Inari simply overwhelmed him in a show of force that the man was unable to respond with in time.
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Protect the bank [Job].
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