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 A Pair of Metal [Equipment Creation]

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PostSubject: A Pair of Metal [Equipment Creation]   Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:52 pm

As there were still light on the day and time for her to kill, Amira decided to create another weapon. However, unlike the sword, this would be no easy task as she was required to create gauntlets. While she had created gauntlets before this would be a daunting task and one that she believed to befitting a better blacksmith than she was although she still complied with the request. Gathering as much scrap metal as she could, including the trimmings for the sword she had just created, she placed it into another stone bucket for smelting. Placing each of them in, she dreaded what was coming next, lighting the flames to melt it. Using her trusty wooden pole she poked the tip into another active flame before she placed it in the bucket. Jumping back slightly at the inferno quickly extinguished the end of the pole before hastily making her way to watch the metal melt.

Unlike the last weapon she created, there were copious amounts of metal in the bucket and would take slightly longer to melt. It would eventually melt like it would always. After about an hour she was greeted by the sight of a bright red molten metal. This time shaping the weapon would be difficult as she had to get each of the finger joints to allow maximum movement of the hand when the owner would wear them. Taking the largest gauntlet mold she could find, she placed the metal in each of the tiny molds allowing them to cool slightly. After preparing the ice bath, this time adding an extra three gallons of water and a second bag of ice within, she set the hot mold inside.

Some of the metal would cool faster than others would due to their size. She would leave the smaller pieces of metal in for only thirty minutes before leaving them to cool in the air. After waiting another half hour she took the larger pieces out of the tub before disposing of the water and leaving them to air dry. She would then focus on the smaller metal, grabbing several tools to connect each joint together, creating the fingers of the gauntlet. Once all five fingers were complete she took a quick break, silently laughing to herself as she looked at the bulky mess she created. While not pretty, they were effective. Plus she would shave off the excess metal soon enough.

As the main hand and wrist component of the gauntlets had cooled, she added the finger joints to each of the gloves. Once she completed they resembled gauntlets but they merely needed to be smoothed out. Getting several tools she scrapped at the excess before they finally resembled gauntlets. She would then take several pieces of fabric and begin to pad the inside so that they would be much more comfortable to wear. Once Amira had finished padding she tested out one of the gloves. They were incredibly heavy on her hand, and due while she had slight trouble moving the finger joints she understood it was due to her own strength. Regardless she adjusted the screws. While these were plain, she would then give them to their owner to design. But the fact remained clear, she had finished making these gauntlets.

Word Count: 547
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A Pair of Metal [Equipment Creation]
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