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 Saiga Ventrinius

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Saiga Ventrinius Rising11

Name: Saiga Ventrinius
Nickname: Sai, Trouble-maker Sai, The Blue Eyed Beast,
Age: 17
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Cell Number: (105)
Nationality: Half American Half Korean
Year: Graduate
Class: Magician
Chi: White, Brown, Green

Height: 6'0
Weight: 180

Saiga Ventrinius Rising10

As for appearance Saiga's first noticeable trait is his pretty tall height standing at a 6'0 in height at his age is pretty impressive. His body type is really athletic from all the excess training he does keeping his body in prime form at all times. He is very slender but really well cut and muscled showing and proving great strength. His face pretty thin and angular. His hair his black and spiky even a little messy, some of his hair comes down in bangs right over his eyes. His eyes stand out the most from anything about his appearance. They are very bright and full blue, with black crosses the run all the way to the edge of his irises.

As for clothing Saiga keeps a very unique form of clothing, he prefers very light clothing and tries to wear as less as possible. Not a big fan of heavy armors and things of the sort. He is usually seen wearing a sleeping-mask on his head like a pair of sunglasses. He prefers simple T-shirts and sleeveless shirts with either loose pants or slimmer ones. He mostly wears unique footwear like red sneakers or combat boots from time to time. He will wear hoodies and always have one tied around his waist, he admires jewelry often having on bracelets and things of the sort. He has a tiger skin cloth around his right hand that his mentor gave him. Underneath his tied hoodie at his waist is a holder for his staff that he always has on. It allows for easy access for his staff when he needs it in battle.

Special Characteristic: His irises are very light blue with black crosses going to the ends of the irises. When enraged or excited they can turn red.  

Personality: One thing is certain Saiga is exactly what the rumors say he is rude, lewd, vulgar, greedy, arrogant and aggressive. He can be extremely blunt, exuberant and hot headed. He says whatever is on his mind and doesn't really care who he is talking to or who he is in front of. Doesn't really care for formality or social standings in today's society, Saiga doesn't carry any respect for anyone really, unless they have somehow earned said respect. Regardless of who they are or where they come from he refuses to bow to anyone, no matter what kind of danger he might find himself in. Despite these traits, he somehow manages to retain a certain rough charm about himself which tends to make him a little likable some of the time. Despite his aggressive demeanor Saiga doesn't wish harm on people who can't handle it. Because of his background in criminal activity, fending for oneself to survive, stealing, and gang trouble he can easily find himself in trouble time and time again. Even after his graduation he was placed in the deep hidden isolation prison at Rising Academy to keep him in check. Saiga believes in doing for yourself and the ones close to you. During his childhood he had no one to rely on other then himself so that reflects on his persona today. Which is why he comes off as selfish and greedy.

While on the other hand he has his moments of enlightenment, compassion, Charisma and serene elements. He does have high beliefs but not in religiousness; but more in strength of character and endearment. He believes in dreams, and that one can achieve everything they desire in life, he calls it "Personal Legends.". Though at times he does tend to use his philosophy to do what he pleases like partying, drinking, hitting on women, and pushing people to fight him. Though he tends to use his idealism for minuscule things, in moments of seriousness he can truly inspire others to follow their true dreams. And has never wavered from his own path. It was this mindset that he overcame extreme odds, and got into the academy a year younger then usual.

He also believes that all things are one in the world, and that everything is connected. And one can truly understand what this means when you can hear the language of the world and see it's soul. "The soul of the world, connects all things." and he truly believes this making him somewhat complex for his character, who is often only seen being rude and causing trouble.
He is rather laid back and calm when not worked up about something. He spends a decent amount of time meditating, and examining the world around him. He is able to learn many things just from listening to the soul of the world and becoming attune to it. He is a fun loving person, in fact everything he does is for his own enjoyment his humor is truly unique. He can come off having a rather cocky attitude in battle and out, and not above throwing his opponents off with his slick mouthy banter. He is shown to be very energetic and optimistic to delude his opponents into thinking something else. Despite being just a human Saiga gives off a god like presence and feeling. As if he stands above the gods themselves.  


  • Bikes- No not bicycles. Saiga loves to collect motorcycles and not just any motorcycle. He has a particular taste "They have to have soul" he often says when looking at one that may have caught his interest.

  • Meditating- To certain people this may seem out of his character. Cause he doesn't show it to often. But Saiga truly enjoys to meditate and become intone to the space around him. Plus his meditation helps with his spells and techniques

  • Reading- In constrast to what people may think of him, Saiga is indeed pretty thouhtful and likes to read and expand his knowledge on things.

  • Art of Fighting- Saiga loves to fight. There is an art to it that he loves especially when chi and the elements are involved. He loves the art of creating new techniques and using them in battle. Even the flow of the world, when using the elements. It's all an art to him.


  • Fish- Saiga hates fish not only is he allergic to them he's afraid of them its an odd fear.

  • Broccoli- He hates broccoli he was sometimes forced to eat it as a kid and has hated it ever since.

  • Authority- Saiga has been a rebel at heart since he was a toddler. Always on  the opposite side of the law. He never took well to the authorties trying to stop him.

  • Non-believers- People Saiga refers to when they don't believe in themselves and are willing to give up.


  • Training & Meditation- Sometimes they go hand and hand to him. Constantly trying to improve himself is more of a way of life to him. Developing new and innovative ways to use his chi, and connect to the "Soul of the World."

  • Art: He likes all kind of art and makes it one of his hobbies to dip his hands in all kinds of it if he can.


  • Stuff being stole from him- Saiga likes to steal, but he hates being stole from. He almost fears it, makes it him a little paranoid sometimes.

  • Fish: Ever since he was little he has always been scared of big giant fish, little ones don't scare him much. But when they are real big he can't even bare to move.  

  • Not achieving his "Personal Legend." Saiga is afraid to die before achieving his true dreams.


  • The enjoyment of the martial arts- Saiga has a deep and true love for the martial arts. He pushes to learn more for the simple fact that enjoys doing so. He has no other reason for seeking power and being stronger other then the fact that he wants to do so.

  • Achieving his personal legend- His own personal legend is to be the best martial artist the world has ever seen. He simply wants to be the best and he will never waver from that.


Them Crazy Eyes

"The weak bow to the strong, and that's just the way it is." Obrin

As long as he can remember Saiga grew up in poverty, otherwise known as the slums, the streets. The places no one would really want to be for to long. He doesn't really know who his parents are or why they left him. Truth be told it never really mattered to him. If they abandoned him it was their loss not his. As a baby he was found by a low life gang leader Obrin, who had a sudden conscious at least for that day. He picked him up because of his crazy looking blue eyes, seen nothing like it before. Obrin raised him but he wasn't a perfect father, he raised the young Saiga as a gang member. Didn't even name the child, he let the kid name himself and eventually he settled for Saiga.

At a young age Saiga was raised and somewhat trained to fend for himself, to steal to fight to survive. Living in basic poverty everyday was a form of struggle for him he had no other choice but to adept to this lifestyle but overcome it and he was determined to make it so. At this moment his only dream was to survive, and live. As Saiga got older he noticed he needed to do more then steal to survive, he had to learn to fight and really fight. Plus he was tired of getting beaten on whenever he got caught stealing. He started to spend most of his time watching and looking at others, the fighters in Obrin's gang, the people they fight. How they fought and even what they fought for. He always watched from a corner making sure to never be seen. He was able to learn just from looking, just from the visualization of it just from observation. He practiced on his own time remembering the techniques and the forms and the styles. It wasn't long before he started to test it out on real people, next time someone wanted to test him they would taste his fist. Which many people did, and over time Saiga got better and better before long he was proving himself a match for trained gang fighters. Word of this got back to Obrin and he wasn't shocked that the young kid was beating people all around he knew there was something about him. Something about them Crazy Eyes he had.

Personal Legends

As he got older he got better, stronger. At the young age of twelve he was already making a little name for himself. He started his own little gang of kids around his age that struggled to survive and needed to stick together. But what started at survival turned into taking over territories. Of course this was all under Obrin's gang and watch but he couldn't help but be amused by his little Saiga's work. He noticed a long time ago Saiga was capable of using chi and energy. It's what helped him win so many fights he was unconsciously used chi at a very fast rate.Because of this fact he thought that it was time to take Saiga under his wing just a little. Even though Obrin was a leader of a large gang, he was a educated man and followed certain ways of life. He was hard on Saiga but only for his own well being, he knew he would have the strength to overcome the many obstacles and he did and made them his own strength.

Obrin started to show Saiga how to meditate how to listen to the world and its language. Though Saiga didn't quite understand it all at first he took it all in. He learned to listen to the soul of the wind, the souls of the trees, and the earth. The clouds and the sun. Because of his hi levels of chi and connection to the world around him meditating and listening to the soul of the world was easy for him overtime. It was soon that he learned that all things were one and everything is connected to the soul of the world.

It was only a matter of time before Saiga wanted to achieve more things then just gang territories. He wanted to get better, he wanted to increase his knowledge on chi and prove that he could he one of the best at it. Obrin told him about Rising Wolf Academy and how that was the main place to go if he truly wanted to be the best. But Obrin had very little connection to the school himself, but he did know of someone by the name of Kairo that could help. He suggested that Saiga go see him if he truly wanted a chance at the academy. So Saiga did just that, he went off leaving his past life behind to go find Kairo. This was the start of his journey towards his dream his own personal legend.

His first meet with Kairo got off to a rocky start. Believing Saiga to be some cocky, stupid kid. He wasn't even impressed with his high chi levels or talent. But Saiga was persistent everyday he went to go seem and convince him. Eventually when Kairo seen Saiga meditate and his connection to the soul of the world. He decided to give the boy a chance. Saiga spent a year with Kairo learning what he could, getting to know each other. Though Saiga had a tough streak and he wasn't the most respectful kid he had allot of potential. When Saiga was 13 they went to enroll him in the academy a year earlier then usual. In order to enroll at the academy a year earlier the student had to pass a certain test that tests their physical ability, chi knowledge and skill, plus academic scores. All things that Saiga aced even academic portions of the test much to the surprise of the other teachers.

He stayed at Rising Academy for four years, though an ace student he did cause a allot of trouble. He became known as THE trouble maker of Rising Academy. his nature didn't do much for his actual talent, and only people who were close to him knew that he was more spiritual then what he showed. But his pass self never really left. So much so on his graduation day he started a huge class brawl, on every person that ever had a problem with him. He beat three of the other senior students to a pretty bad state. His actions got him locked up in the schools own isolation prison, he was locked up for summer and the start of the new school year. When he gets out he will be an official graduate of the school, on his journey to be a pro fighter and follow his personal legend.

Face Claim: Jin Mo Ri | God of Highschool

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Saiga Ventrinius
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